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Hey! I’m Sylvia

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A 23-year old local poet currently studying Creative Writing in York.

Writing is my life line - a tool I use to make sense of confusing and difficult events or emotions. After writing for over a decade, I continue to find immeasurable value in words. The very notion that you can reach a stranger, from a piece of paper and can make an impact in the busy time line of their lives without ever needing to meet... is fascinating to me.

That being said, one of my beloved ways of sharing poetry is of course, spoken word. Otherwise known as performance poetry or Slam poetry - it’s the unapologetic demand for you, the audience, to listen. Found in all forms, shapes and colours of the rainbow. Spoken word poets have something to say, something crucial and timeless. We are constantly building and rebuilding a time capsule with our words, for the next generation of activists, believers and dreamers to follow. 

Above all this, I truly believe there is a writer in all of us. We all have an inside voice, whether it roars like a chorus of lions or simply gently whispers - it’s there.

This is mine.



This is where my journey begins...


Attaining a Diploma of Higher Education

I am a proud alumni of Northern College, Barnsley: the only adult college in the UK to allow residential diplomas. I studied here to complete my HE Diploma in humanities and the creative arts. I went on to receive an offer for my dream university.


Came second in Say Owt Slam! 

I attended my first ever Slam competition in October 2022 and came 2nd against sixteen other poets. I can't wait to attend more Slams and open mics with Say Owt in the future! 



Won the Leeds Poetry Festival

I performed a piece of World War Two poetry, heavily inspired by the youngest soldier to have fallen victim to the war. It's called Just a Kid, and you can listen to it in my memos. To this day, it remains one of my most tear-jerking poems and continues to have importance even now.


Moved to York!

I moved up to York in order to follow my writing dreams, explore new opportunities and to study Creative Writing!


First time helping open for a poet - the brilliant Hannah Davies!

The first time I helped open for another poet - for the launch of Hannah Davies' book, 'Dolls'! See my blog (if you have the password, which you can see how to get in the chat widget or in the FAQs) for more details of a really fun night of poetry.


...and still growing!

Get in touch!



+44 7874 244764


Instagram: sylviamarie_poetry

TikTok: sylviamariepoetry

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