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Who is Sylvia Marie?

Sylvia Marie is a 24-year old York-based poet, currently studying Creative Writing in York.

She has been writing for over a decade and has performed at open mic events since 2018.

Her poetry shines a light on diverse stories and powerful topics, in an accessible yet dynamic style.


You can listen to and read some of Sylvia's poetry in Memos.

You can commission a poem from Sylvia through Services.

You can also get exclusive insight into Sylvia's journey and behind-the-scenes information in the Blog.

This area is protected by a password to keep it exclusive and allow it to be more personal - contact Sylvia for this.

Please use the contact details provided to reach out to Sylvia if you have any business enquiries, opportunities for collaboration or even just to say hi. You can read more about Sylvia's writing journey in the Bio

Image by Matthias Wagner
"There is a writer in all of us. We all have an inside voice, whether it roars like a chorus of lions or gently whispers - it's there.
This is mine." 


"A powerful piece that explores grief and trauma with clarity and sensitivity. Some beautiful lines here made more beautiful set amidst such tragedy. The narrator’s imagining her father unzipping from within a friend’s father to reveal where he has been hiding is heartbreaking. A compelling examination of loss." 

- Dan Powell & Rachel Bower (judges from Hive South Yorkshire 2023 writers competition) 


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